Hospital Pharmacy - The Panama Clinic
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Our Pharmacy Attendance Team

The Panama Clinic Hospital Pharmacy is managed by qualified pharmacists, operating all supply, administration, dispensing, control, and information report on drugs and medical-surgical material; with the purpose to minimize drug management related risks for both patient and staff, involved in their preparation, dispensing, and administration.

Drug management is a responsibility of the whole health care team, therefore, we have developed policies and procedures to meet all safety goals.

Our Services

Committed to deliver innovative health care solutions to create a different, simpler, and more accessible experience for our patients and visitors, we bring three pharmacies to your availability, so we can meet your needs while providing you further comfort in the purchase of your treatment and any other supply, without having to leave our Hospital’s facilities.  

  • We deliver specialized, personal, and humane care from all our pharmacist team.
  • We bring to you an efficient, and safe, single-dose drug dispensing system through modern automated dispensing equipment.
  • We deliver IV drug, parenteral nutrition, cytotoxic, and radiopharmaceutical preparations within a sterile area, which provides safety and effectiveness to drug therapy ordered.
  • We’ve established guidelines for safe prescription, based on safety barriers and the minimizing of prescription data omissions, and the creation of safety warnings.
  • We provide a “patient by patient” drug therapy follow-up, through a technological platform and pharmacy staff, with the purpose to ensure patient’s safety, avoiding medication errors.
  • We feature the first Intravenous Mixture Preparation Center ever deployed in a hospital, which meets guidelines and standards established by the U.S. Pharmacopeia, in addition to being duly certified by international authorities.