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Neonatology Unit

Because we know your baby’s arrival is the most important thing, at The Panama Clinic we welcome you with the best hospitality from our staff, specialized on neonatal care, from the time of birth and until his/her discharge.

 Neonatology Unit

Because we know your baby’s arrival is the most important thing, at The Panama Clinic we welcome you with the best hospitality from our staff, specialized on neonatal care, from the time of birth and until his/her discharge.

 Our Neonatology Room

Fully equipped and prepared for the baby’s care, according to his/her condition at birth.  We deliver state of the art technology and a multidisciplinary specialists team for neonatal care, that allow us to offer every baby the best treatment option, with a personalized and diligent assistance.

Care is provided according to the baby’s medical diagnosis, always focused on preserving the adequate neurological development during the first days of life.

At The Panama Clinic’s Neonatology Unit, we offer the newborn our services on:

  • Healthy Child care
  • Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Semi-intensive Care
  • Minimum Care
  • Modern External and Isolation Unit.

Healthy Child Care

We provide general care to the newborn without pathologies, encouraging joint accommodation and exclusive breastfeeding.

We deliver modern bassinets for newborn transport during hospital stay, and additionally, offer you the following services:

  • Breastfeeding rooms
  • Heart Screening
  • Hearing Tests
  • Lab Tests
  • Ear piercing
  • Circumcision
  • General counseling about the newborn care at home

Moreover, we feature an external unit that will enable newborn hospitalization, for those requiring further care after hospital discharge.

All our areas are assisted by Qualified Nursing staff and technicians with thorough experience on newborn management.

 “We take care of you and the one you love the most”

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is set and equipped with the best technology, to manage the most complex pathologies of premature and full-term newborns with developmental complications.

We deliver open and closed incubators to enable suitable maneuver during an emergency, and standout for having the only hybrid incubator in the region, which helps reduce excess patient handling, thus favoring recovery.

In regards with respiratory therapy used for the rehabilitation of some newborns, we feature the newest generation of High-frequency oscillatory ventilators, positive pressure systems (such as bubble CPAP, of highest current demand since it is less invasive for the patient) and also, the most modern transport incubator with an integrated mechanical ventilator, for such cases when the newborn needs to be transferred.

We’re also equipped and trained to perform traditional oxygenation methods.  We count with all devices needed for such critical task, in abidance to guidelines regarding the mixture of oxygen with human breath to prevent further consequences for the newborn. 

Additionally, our constant vital signs monitoring to control quick changes on critical newborn patient status, is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated of the country.

Our Intensive Care Unit also delivers as semi-intensive area, intended for the care of less complex pathology patients, also featuring the needed technology and equipment for their recovery.

 “For The Panama Clinic is a privilege
to enjoy the miracle of life”


We provide this service according to newborn’s condition, up to 30 days old.  Care is provided by highly qualified staff and state of the art technology, added a warm and comfortable required setting.

  “Caring for a newborn is the most important
task in life”

This area is intended for newborns requiring further hospital stay beyond normal, either for phototherapy, weight gain, suck-swallow deficit, among others.   

 Lactation Room 

Equipped with modern pumps and comfortable facilities, in order to provide mom and the hospitalized newborn, a suitable nursing setting.  At The Panama Clinic we encourage exclusive breastfeeding while focused on strengthening the mother-son duo relationship, based on the importance of maternal bonding as main element for the newborn recovery and his/her development.  This room is also intended to facilitate breast milk pumping when needed.

Sala de lactancia materna

Equipada con modernos ordeñadores y con cómodas instalaciones, a fin de poder brindarle a las madres y al recién nacido hospitalizado un ambiente óptimo al momento de amamantar. En The Panama Clinic apoyamos la lactancia materna exclusiva y estamos enfocados en fortalecer la relación del binomio madre-hijo, basado en la importancia del apego materno como principal elemento en la recuperación del recién nacido y su neurodesarrollo. Nuestra sala también está destinada para favorecer la extracción de leche materna en los casos que sea necesario